Social Business Innovation Course 2017

Organized in collaboration by IDEAS Hub Dover and The Change School, Social Business Innovation Camp is a 12-day immersive experience for students between the ages 14-18.  

From Day 1, students will embark on a learning-by-doing journey featuring theoretical and reflective learning sessions by The Change School, inspiration talks by leaders and experts within Singapore’s impact ecosystem, team projects, excursions, coaching and mentorship. Day 12 culminates in a final Demo Day for students to present and pitch their ideas and solutions.  

Social Business Innovation Camp is designed to introduce the basic principles, philosophies, methodologies and strategic approach to creating impact through business. The experience provides students with exposure to real-world challenges, perspectives and insights to the business of social innovation. This unique program equips students with the essential knowledge, skills, tools and mindset to become impact-driven leaders of tomorrow.


Dates: 17 – 28 July 2017
Venues: IDEAS Hub Dover and Impact HUB Prinsep
Ages: 14- 18 years of age
Fees: $1560 (An initial deposit of $200 is required.
You will be reminded to pay the remaining amount by June 15)
This course will require a minimum number of 10 students for it to proceed.
*Refund Policy.

Solonia’s and Grace’s picture

What will Participants Be Learning?

  • What is a Social Business and what are the key challenges and opportunities in this evolving sector, including career opportunities and trajectories.
  • Basic principles of Design Thinking as an approach to Social Innovation, including root-cause analysis, creative problem-solving, developing a vision/mission statement,  Theory of Change and measuring impact.
  • Business Model Canvas as a structural framework for Social Innovation, including idea-generation, critical thinking, and designing activity systems and solutions
  • Critical knowledge, skills and tools for collaborative project management, strategic planning, storytelling and idea pitching

What do the fees include?
All participants will be receiving a toolkit for Social Business, Certification of Participation, quality food (breakfast snack, lunch, afternoon snack).

How will Participants Learn? 

  • Bite-Sized Modules:
    Each module incorporates theoretical presentations, peer discussions and hands-on activities for collaborative and active learning
  • Experiential Learning:
    Students will apply their learnings immediately through immersion, interactions with invited speakers and interviews with social businesses
  • Learning-by-Doing:
    New ideas, perspectives and lessons are put into practice immediately through group activities and project-based team work
  • Real-World Businesses Challenges:
    Students will discover, hear and learn from talks and conversations with experts, founders and leaders in the impact ecosystem

What will participants get at the end of the course?

  • Solid foundation and understanding of Social Business/Entrepreneurship – challenges, opportunities and potential career opportunities within the sector
  • Exposure, new connections and potential pathways to internship / career opportunities within the social business / impact sector
  • Essential knowledge, tools, skills and competencies for any business-related pursuits
  • Social Business Innovation Tool Kit
  • Pitch-ready Project Plan
  • Social Business Innovation Camp Certificate
  • Enriching experiences and friendships to last a lifetime!

Schedule (17 July to 28 July)

Day              Title Content

17 July)

Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship

Introduction to the concept of social business/entrepreneurship, including the history, recent trends and the drivers behind the evolving business landscape and growing sector.

  • Module 1 – Social Entrepreneurship 101
  • Module 2 – Discovering Your Passion & Purpose To Change The World
  • Module 3 – Theory Of Change


18 July)

Design Thinking for Social Innovation

Introduction to strategic tools, frameworks and methodologies for tackling social problems, designing creative solutions and applying a human-centred approach to problem-solving.

  • Module 1 – Design Thinking 101
  • Module 2 – Focus On The Problem
  • Module 3 – Social Enterprise Journey Mapping
  • Module 4 – Defining The Solution

(Wednesday, 19 July)

Excursion Day A full excursion day at the Impact HUB Singapore to meet, listen to and interview impact business experts and leaders, sharing real-world challenges and opportunities in the ‘glocal’ ecosystem.

(Thursday, 20 July)

Business Model Canvas For Social Innovation Introduction to different theories, principles, and models for creating and building social impact through business and a clear vision for change.

  • Module 1 – Understanding Social Business Models & Shared Values
  • Module 2 – Business Model Canvas For Social Innovation
  • Learning-By-Doing

21 July)

Creativity & Skills Day Introduction to different techniques and activities for critical/lateral thinking and creative problem-solving, communication skills and productivity tools for effective project management and team collaboration.

  • Module 1 – Creative Thinking for Social Impact
  • Lunch & Learn
  • Module 3 – Fixed vs Growth Mindset
  • Module 4 – Communication, Collaboration & Productivity Tools

22 July)

Team Work Day

Students will be given the full day to work on their Team Projects.

23 July)

Project Execution & Management Introduction to goal-setting, project planning, management and reporting. Students will learn to define a project/business vision, mission, value proposition and compelling pitch.

  • Module 1 – SMART Goal Setting & Strategic Planning
  • Module 2 – Project Management & Reporting
  • Module 3 – Vision, Mission and Value Proposition
  • Module 4 – Idea Pitching & Storytelling

(Wednesday, 24 July)

Team Work Day Students will be given the full day to work on their Team Projects with guidance and coaching from The Change School facilitators.

(Thursday, 25 July)

Presentation Development & Rehearsal Day Introduction to designing visual presentations and effectively delivering presentations. Students will have the second half of the day to prepare their presentations and rehearse their pitches with assigned mentors to provide added support, coaching, and feedback.

  • Module 1 – Designing Your Pitch
  • Module 2 – Developing Your Pitch
  • HALF Rehearsal Day with invited mentors.

(Friday, 26 July)

Demo Day Teams will be presenting to an invited panel of judges who will be giving feedback on their presentations.

Parents are welcome to join us for this special session.

Who are the people involved?

   Solonia Teodros
Co-Founder of The Change School

Born in the US, to Taiwanese and Ethiopian parents, Solonia has lived and worked in the US and Asia, Solonia considers herself a citizen of the world. She is fluent in Mandarin and Taiwanese.  Following a 10 year career in Academia, SMEs and MNCs, Solonia embarked on her entrepreneurial journey with the founding of SolWorks (2012) and community initiatives. Her Life/Work is dedicated to enabling others to take action with clarity, resilience and purpose.

Grace Clapham
Co-founder of The Change School

Born in Indonesia, to Australian and Indonesian parents, Grace has lived in Asia for nearly 20 years with a firm understanding on the region’s challenges and opportunities. She speaks fluent Indonesian. Grace is interested in social change and innovation. She was a mentor for The Hub Singapore and DBS Social Venture Challenge 2014.


Where will the course be held?


IDEAS Hub at UWCSEA Dover Campus will be the main venue for the course. The IDEAS Hub comes fully equipped with a makerspace and has a collaborative area for various events. It has a variety of equipment available such as 3D printers and robotics kits. It also houses 2 custom designed green screen rooms that is capable for professional film making.

The Impact HUB is Singapore’s largest community of entrepreneurs, creatives and techies. They are a co-working space and community located in the heart of Singapore’s museum, arts and design precinct. Impact Hub Singapore offers mentorship, incubation, workshops, events, networking and corporate innovation labs.

What do Parents need to know?
Parents are welcome to visit their children during the course. They can sit in on the sessions as observers.

The best time to be involved is on the last day, Demo Day. Parents are welcome (and encouraged) to hear and support the student team pitches and presentations on Demo Day!

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